LEXForensica offers businesses the solution to detect and deter fraud by utilising state of the art voice analysis technology for truth verification purposes as well as specialised investigation services

Success stories from our Clients

Urvashi Ramjee - Head of Claims Management

"Old Mutual Group Assurance uses LEXForensica to assist us with claims management in our income protection book.  The service that we have received to date has always been extremely professional, and the level of skill and expertise shown by the staff is always evident.  We find the services provided by the company an extremely important tool in our risk and claims management strategy."

COO - Risk Slip Underwriters

"The segmentation model of LEXForensica enabled Risk Slip Underwriters to refer claims to the correct processing channel. As a result, our resources were allocated more accurately and enabled us to save costs and improve our service to our clients."

Pauli Raubenheimer - Executive Claims Manager

“The investigation skills of LEXForensica are magnificent, and we’ve managed, as a result of this, to pinpoint those fraudulent cases that we were never able to identify successfully in the past."

Bianca McGrath - Claims Manager

“LEXForensica has proven to be invaluable in ensuring accurate and in depth validation of claims within our department, whilst not compromising on fast and efficient service. Their assistance has resulted in a favourable downturn in trends experienced in certain classes of business and they have been instrumental in raising fraud awareness within our internal environment."

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