Our Analytics division is the first part of our risk management service.

We provide businesses with a solution to detect fraud by utilising state of the art technology (Layered Voice Analysis™) in our forensic call centre.

We show our clients where the potential fraud is indicated in assessed cases enabling them to channel these cases to the correct processing method.

Through this claim validation process, we are able to segment our clients’ claims into:

Benefits of integrating our RA7 validation screening into your claim processing system include:

  • Significantly increasing your organisation’s fraud detection rates – investigations focus only on genuine risky claims
  • Improve your customer service and speed up claims settlement time - an average of 70% of claims assessed scores Low Risk. Which means that there is no fraud potential, according to RA7. Not chasing those claims results in huge savings.
  • Streamlining and standardising your risk detection and management processes.

Part of our risk management services include the use of the LVA-i to provide HR solutions for:

  • Pre-employment vetting in the initial phase of the recruitment process.
  • Periodic tests also known as general honesty maintenance which are for already employed staff.
  • Integrity assessments

To produce its assessment, LVA-i integrates the Layered Voice Analysis technology with carefully designed sets of investigative questions to identify repeating emotional indications surrounding relevant questions.

These questionnaires are designed to:

Scan the candidates’ personal history

Test the consistency of their opinions at present and

Determine the level of their commitment to the future

Our aim is to reduce potential business losses for our clients and preventing these losses from taking place by analysing prospective employees with regards to their general honesty and integrity. The result reflects the probable risk of the tested party acting in a manner that might expose your organisation to danger.

Specialist Investigations

LEXForensica specialises in a complete range of investigation services.

We have a team of specialised investigators to assist not only the insurance industry, but also the public and private sector.

LEXForensica has the capacity and expertise to assist with the following claims and/or investigations:

  • Motor insurance claims
  • Municipal insurance claims
  • Road Accident Fund claims
  • Fire claims incl. origin of fires
  • Personal and household claims
  • Cell phone insurance claims
  • Social security claims
  • Disciplinary action investigations
  • Commercial and business claims
  • Medical and funeral claims
  • Wildlife claims investigations
  • Audit & forensic investigations

As well as:

1. Undercover investigations

2. Employee misconduct

3. Surveillance

4. Cargo theft investigations

5. White collar crimes

We have the necessary technology, business processes, workforce competencies, specialist expertise and organisational structure needed to act on the insights gained from data analysis and on the field expertise of experienced investigators.

Desktop Investigations

Preliminary desktop investigation can boost an operations effectiveness

Our forensic analysts also do desktop investigations to assist our investigators as well as our clients with work that stretches far and wide across the country.

Our desktop investigators correspond electronically and telephonically to all the parties involved, record all conversations and complete and collect all supporting documents electronically.


Our analysts are able to gather intelligence via social media and online history searches, to determine a person's activities, associations and location. In doing so assists our clients in making decisions about people.

Tracking and Tracing

Our tracing division utilises various different information platforms to quickly provide information regarding:

1. Personal details

2. Contact details

3. Work history

4. Location

5. Credit risk

6. Financial affluency

7. Business validations

8. Members details

Segmentation Rules

We are able to provide insurance companies with a defraud indicator model to assist in their claims handling process by segmenting claims into various scenarios.

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